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Coca Cola Die Cast Metal Toy Vehicles

This is a great opportunity to purchase die-cast metal toy vehicles that enjoy the benefits of coca-cola - such as gum crunches - while playing catch. These vehicles also come with a little bit of coca-cola on their back, so you can feel like a real officer of the night.

Coca-cola Die-cast Metal Toy Vehicles

The coca-cola die-cast metal toy vehicles are perfect for playing with your friends or family. With different activities to keep you entertained, the die-cast metal toy vehicles are a must-have for any coca-cola lover.

Coca-cola Die Cast Metal Toy Vehicles

This is a great set for those who love to drive their toy vehicles. The truck features a modern, sleek design with the iconic coke bottle in the center. Each grille is made of metal and there are two front wheels to make it easy to move. There is a sun roof with a powerful sunroof that gives the vehicle a look of power. The truck also has a feeling to it. The die-cast metal makes this a perfect for younger children who can enjoy driving their toy vehicles. this is a great opportunity to purchase a in-game piece of gaming history or to act as a source ofodic sales revenue. This set of three metal toy vehicles from england is die-cast and in perfect condition. They are approximately 5. 5" tall by 4. 5" wide and feature a bright coca-cola logo in the center. The vehicles have clear green enamel numbers on the sides and are complete with original horton willie driver and the coca-cola script on the front bumper. This set is a great addition to any gaming group and is a great way to remember the era of the coca-cola drinks. this is a great die-cast metal toy vehicle from the movie coca-cola hartoy 2. It features the logo and number of the car. The car is made of plastic and has a green and white team turbo racing logo on the front and back. The car is also features a green and white die-cast metal badge on the front. The car is ready for use and has a small control panel in the center of the car. The car is good for 10-12 minutes of function time and can reach speeds of 100-122 mph. This new line of metal toy vehicles is designed to make your metal toy stand out among other metal toy models. Each vehicle is made of high quality die-cast metal and has a bright green color. These vehicles are sure to be a favorite with children and are ready to take on any game or race game you might choose to play.