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Coca Cola Die Cast Metal Bank

This is a coca cola 1929 lockheed air express die cast metal coin bank nib ertl. You can find it at a discount price and this is the perfect opportunity to get it before it goes out of stock. This bank is made of metal and is based on the design of the coca cola logo. It is perfect for your financial needs and is sure to make you look like a smart guy or girl.

Coca Cola Die Cast Metal Bank Ebay

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Best Coca Cola Die Cast Metal Bank

This coca-cola bank is made of die-cast metal and it is lot 6. Itillyverages at mip nrfp and it has a lot 6 corp id of f6l cents from the coca-cola company. The bank has a cash per-used of $1. 50 and the account size is given as l$100, this bank is ready-made for diecasti. Biz application. this 1923 chev coca-cola die-cast metal bank is a great way to remember your friends and family members who have died. The bank is made of metal and is die-cast to ensure accurate and tight production. This bank is also accessible without tools and comes with a gift card and money clip. this coca-cola die cast metal bank is made of metal and is a great addition to any coca-cola lover's collection. This bank is from the 1950's and is used to hold money for coca-cola products. The ertl b592 bank is still in good condition and is perfect for any coca-cola lover. this is a great opportunity to purchase a vintage coca cola die-cast metal bank. It is perfect for amasia or a party fare. The bank can also be used as an orchid garden center. This is a great gift for the coca cola lover in your life!